Treasury Designates Alleged Members And Supporters of Transnational Criminal Organizations

The U.S. Department of the Treasury on July 24, 2013 released the following:

“New Sanctions Announced Against the Camorra and the Brothers’ Circle

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated five members of the Italian Camorra, including the mob boss Marco Di Lauro and the fugitive Mario Riccio, as well as two businesses linked to individuals acting on behalf of a key member of the Brothers’ Circle, a large multi-ethnic Eurasian criminal network. These Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) continue to use various methods to conceal the proceeds earned from their illicit activities and maintain access to the international financial system. Today’s actions are the latest in the Treasury Department’s use of executive authorities to expose, undermine, and disrupt these criminal activities which include: money laundering, extortion, drug trafficking, kidnapping and counterfeiting.

“Today’s action against key members of criminal organizations that engage in serious crimes around the world is a continuation of our systematic effort to expose and disrupt these dangerous groups and protect the U.S. financial system from their illicit activity,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen.

President Obama identified the Camorra, and the Brothers’ Circle, along with the Yakuza and the Zetas, as significant TCOs in the Annex to Executive Order (E.O.) 13581 (Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations) in July 2011, and he charged the Treasury Department with pursuing additional sanctions against their members and supporters to undermine and interdict their global criminal operations.

Today’s action freezes any assets these individuals and businesses may have within the jurisdiction of the United States and generally prohibits any transactions with them by U.S. persons. To date, the Treasury Department has designated 34 individuals and entities related to TCOs and has exposed their activity ranging from Europe to Asia to the Middle East. Treasury will continue to target additional members and supporters of these groups, as well as identify other significant TCOs, such as MS-13 which was named in October 2012, in order to expose and disrupt their criminal operations and protect the U.S. financial system from abuse.

The Camorra

The Camorra operates internationally and is involved in serious criminal activity, such as money laundering, extortion, alien smuggling, robbery, blackmail, kidnapping, political corruption, and counterfeiting. Italian law enforcement has conducted multiple operations this year to seize Camorra assets, including a single-day seizure of 450 million euros from the Casalesi clan in June. To date, Treasury has designated nine individuals affiliated with the Camorra under E.O. 13581.

The Camorra members designated today have all played a role in the recent inter-clan violence that has wreaked havoc on northern Naples. In October 2012, all five were identified by Italian authorities as involved in the murder of a bystander to the feud. Marco Di Lauro has been on Italy’s Most Wanted List since 2004 for mafia-related activities. Mario Riccio is involved in a drug trafficking business that nets tens of millions of euros every year. Until his capture in January, Antonio Mennetta was in charge of a group responsible for assassinating enemies of a young splinter clan supported by Di Lauro, the “Vanella Grassi” or “Girati”. Mariano Abete, also currently in jail, was arrested for mafia associated activity and conspiracy to deal drugs. Rosario Guarino, implicated in a dozen murders, was arrested in November 2012 for mafia associated activities and drug trafficking. Each of these five individuals were designated for acting for or on behalf of, or providing material support to, the Camorra.

The Brothers’ Circle

The Brothers’ Circle is a multi-ethnic criminal group composed of leaders and senior members of several Eurasian criminal groups largely based in countries of the former Soviet Union but extending to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. To date, Treasury has designated 16 individuals connected with the Brothers’ Circle, including both Brothers’ Circle members and their subordinates, under E.O. 13581. These designated individuals include key member Vladislav Leontyev, as well as two individuals acting for or on his behalf, Aleksandr Manuylov and Lazar Shaybazian. Leontyev, Manuylov, and Shaybazian were designated by Treasury in February 2012. Today, Treasury is taking action against the companies Avuar OOO and Guga Arm SRO because they are owned or controlled by Aleksandr Manuylov and Lazar Shaybazian, respectively. Aleksandr Manuylov is the sole director of Avuar OOO while Lazar Shaybazian is the director, sole board member, and 100 percent owner of Guga Arm SRO.

Identifying Information:

Name: Di Lauro, Marco
DOB: 16 June 1980
POB: Naples, Italy

Name: Riccio, Mario
AKA: Riccio, Mariano
DOB: 28 June 1991
POB: Mugnano di Napoli, Italy

Name: Mennetta, Antonio
DOB: 3 January 1985
POB: Naples, Italy

Name: Abete, Mariano
DOB: 3 April 1991
POB: Naples, Italy

Name: Guarino, Rosario
DOB: 26 June 1983
POB: Naples, Italy

Name: Avuar OOO
AKA: Avuar LLC
Address: 12/120, Komn 51, Ulitsa Demokraticheskaya, Samara 443031, Russia
National ID No.: 1036300456213 (Russia)
alt. National ID No.: 14565711 (Russia)
alt. National ID No.: 6315565439 (Russia)

Name: Guga Arm SRO
AKA: Guga Arm LTD
Address: Dr. Davida Bechera 907/27, Karlovy Vary 36001, Czech Republic
National ID No.: 27994783 (Czech Republic)”


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