OFAC Removes Entity from SDN List

Yesterday the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) removed an entity from the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN List). The entity was designated under OFAC’s counter narcotics trafficking sanctions program (SDNTK).

OFAC currently has two counter narcotics trafficking sanctions programs in place. Individuals, organizations, entities and assets allegedly associated with narcotics trafficking may be designated on the SDN List under either the SDNT or SDNTK program.

The SDNT sanctions program targets those thought to be associated with narcotics trafficking operations in Colombia, specifically the Cali cartel. OFAC derives this designation power from Executive Order 12978.

The SDNTK sanctions program applies to all others allegedly associated with narcotics trafficking, wherever located. The SDNTK sanctions program became effective as part of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act. Interestingly, many SDNTK designations arise out of Colombia. However, the designations fall under the SDNTK program because they are not affiliated with the Cali cartel.

The following entity was deleted from OFAC’s SDN List under the SDNTK sanctions program:

MERCURIO INTERNACIONAL S.A., Transversal 71D No. 26-94 Sur, Local 3504, Bogota, Colombia; Avenida Carrera 15 No. 100-69, Oficina 303, Bogota, Colombia; Carrera 15 No. 93-60 Local 205, Bogota, Colombia; Calle 5 No. 50-103, Local C108, Cali, Colombia; Carrera 1 No. 61A-30, Locales 80 y 81, Cali, Colombia; Calle 19 No. 6-48, Oficinas 403 y 404, Pereira, Colombia; Carrera 14 No. 18-56, Locales 34 y 35, Piso 3, Armenia, Colombia; Carrera 43A No. 34-95, Local 253, Medellin, Colombia; Carrera 54 No. 72-147, Local 144, Barranquilla, Colombia; NIT # 830063708-7 (Colombia) [SDNTK]

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